Willimantic River Water Trail - Windham/Willimantic

Coventry, Mansfield, Columbia, Lebanon, Windham/Willimantic

Map numbers refer to river features and launch sites listed below. Be sure to check the USGS Willimantic River real-time stream gauge when you are planning a trip. Because river conditions and launches may change over time, using information in this guide is at the sole risk of the user.

Map of Boat Launches and River Features in the Willimantic River - Windham/Willimantic

Flatwater Section

for experienced paddlers

River Features

  1. Danger: Dam before Bridge Street bridge! Turn around at power lines. River is unsafe for boating below this point. The Willimantic Whitewater Partnership is planning to develop a whitewater park below this point, which will be suitable for experienced whitewater kayakers only.


Route 66 in Columbia (L 21.4 miles)

Location: North side of Route 66, west side of river at old rest area (.6 miles west of Route 32); Distance from Start: 21.4 miles; Vehicle Parking: Good; River Access: Good; Comments: West side of river. Old Rest area. Carry 150 feet down path to put in near bridge. Muddy landing. This is the last public access site before dams in Willimantic.

Canoe and kayak features provided by the Willimantic River Yacht Club in May, 2010. Additional information provided by the Willimantic River Alliance.