Willimantic River Water Trail - Midriver

Tolland, Willington, Coventry, Mansfield

Map numbers refer to river features and launch sites listed below. Be sure to check the USGS Willimantic River real-time stream gauge when you are planning a trip. Because river conditions and launches may change over time, using information in this guide is at the sole risk of the user.

Map of Boat Launches and River Features in the Willimantic River Midriver

Quick Water Section

for experienced river paddlers

River Features

  1. Class 2 rapids with standing waves
  2. Ten-foot-long rock dam from RIGHT bank
  3. Midstream boulders
  4. Standing waves downstream of several boulders. Sharp turns
  5. Island
  6. LEFT of island is often blocked. Water level is shallow to RIGHT of island.
  7. Warning: Sharp RIGHT bend. Do not go straight (dead end). Make hard RIGHT turn. Watch for blowdowns and scout beyond turn.
  8. Island. Go LEFT.

Launches & Landings

Peck's Mill Site Landing in Willington (L 9.2 miles)

Location: Access only from the river at a mile below Depot Road bridge. Look for large midriver rock. After 250 yards stay left in Class 2 rapids. Watch for eddy and sandy landing on left for 2 or 3 boats. Distance from start: 9.2 miles. River access only.

Merrow Meadow Park in Mansfield (L 10.8 miles M)

Location: South side of Merrow Road, .3 miles west of Route 32; Distance from Start: 10.8 miles; Vehicle Parking: Excellent; River Access: Very Good; Comments: On east side of river - at Merrow Meadow Park. Steps to launch site by bridge.

Taylor Preserve Landing in Coventry (L 10.8 miles C)

Location: Immediately below Merrow Bridge, on the west side; Distance from Start: 10.8 miles; Access from River: Very Good; Comments: Nice sandy shore with several pull-out locations. Good place for a lunch stop! A Joshua's Trust preserve.

Quiet Water Section

OK for novice paddlers

River Features

  1. This area is always canoeable from River Park upstream for .5 miles and downstream to Eagleville Lake, where there is good wildlife including blue herons, kingfishers, and beavers. It's easy to miss the last turn to the lake. Look for a large tree at a fork. Go RIGHT there.


River Park in Mansfield (L 13.7 miles)

Location: North side of Plains Road .2 miles south of Route 32; Distance from Start: 13.7 miles; Vehicle Parking: Good/limited; River Access: Excellent; Comments: East side of river. Easy carry to launch 200 feet north of Plains Road in sheltered bay.

Canoe and kayak features provided by the Willimantic River Yacht Club in May, 2010. Additional information provided by the Willimantic River Alliance.