Become a Willimantic River Watershed Volunteer

Contacting us is your direct connection to the Alliance. Please contact us to sign up for the following volunteer opportunities:

Check out Volunteer Events

Check our News and Events Calendar for upcoming volunteer projects in the watershed.

Willi River Rovers

Put up Greenway signs, or join the AMC trail crew on the Spring Manor trail.

Sign up to be "on call" for work days. We will notify you when there is work day to help the Greenway grow. New trails and canoe launches are being planned, and we could use your help creating and maintaining access to the water.

Stream Team

Sign up to take part in water quality projects along the river and its tributaries. We will post results of water quality projects in our news section.

Letterboxing and Geocaching

If you are a fan of these enjoyable outdoor activities and can help install letterboxes in the watershed or establish a geocache trail, find out where there are opportunities to set up new sites. You can also learn more about current letterboxing sites in the Willimantic River Watershed.

Join the Alliance!

Learn more about joining the Willimantic River Alliance and download our membership form.