Impaired Waterbodies in the Watershed

Waterbodies that are assessed as impaired for Recreation Use or Aquatic Life Use in the 2014 Connecticut Integrated Water Quality Report:

Impaired waterbodies can be remediated through either a water pollution analysis known as Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and/or a watershed plan to address the causes of the water quality problem(s). Eagleville Brook has an approved TMDL and a watershed plan with several implementation projects completed or in planning mode. The Town of Tolland has developed a watershed plan for Crandall Pond to address potential sources of bacteria and other pollutants. Check the attached appendices to the Connecticut Statewide Bacteria TMDL for these Willimantic River tributaries: Middle River, Furnace Brook, Skungmaug River, Cedar Swamp Brook and Ten Mile River that include bacteria analyses and management measures. The other listed impaired areas (except Ruby Lake Outlet) are priorities for implementing the statewide TMDL, which might be most effectively addressed in a watershed-wide approach.