Eagleville Brook TMDL Implementation Project

Impaired waterbodies can be remediated through an implementation plan (TMDL) and/or a watershed-based plan to address the cause of the water quality problem(s).

Connecticut's DEEP has developed a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and a watershed plan for Eagleville Brook (a tributary of the Willimantic River). Under this plan, the University of Connecticut and the Town of Mansfield have initiated activities to address excessive stormwater runoff into the brook to help restore its aquatic life. The University's CLEAR (Center for Land Use Education and Research) has studied the impervious surfaces on campus and has recommended long-term and short-term solutions to moderate the impact of stormwater runoff from these surfaces into Eagleville Brook. A number of stormwater retrofits and low impact development (LID) projects are occurring on the University's campus and futher downstream in Mansfield. NEMO reports on the progress of the TMDL implementation and details of several types of stormwater management projects on campus coordinated through an Eagleville Brook watershed team. You can visit many of the LID practices virtually on an interactive website or travel the campus in person with a trail map.