Reporting Problems in the Willimantic River Watershed

Recognizing Potential Pollution Problems

Clues to potential pollution problems include:

  • water that is cloudy or has an unusual odor or color,
  • heavy runoff of soil into a storm drain or stream,
  • petroleum products or other toxic substances running into a storm drain or stream,
  • observed fish kill,
  • unusual low or no flow conditions,
  • solid waste dumping (e.g. appliances, earth/construction materials, floatable debris),
  • and unauthorized stream crossings (all terrain and other vehicles, logging).

How to Report a Problem

To report a suspected problem, contact the town's zoning enforcement officer at the appropriate Town Hall.

To report oil or other spills, contact the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection's 24 hour Emergency Response/Spills Division at (860) 424-3338.

To report a fish kill, contact the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection at (860) 424-3474.

To report a water quality complaint, only AFTER reporting complaint to the Town, and after preparing as much information as possible in advance, contact the Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance, Water Permitting and Enforcement Division at (860) 424-3018.